Off-grid Smart Energy Solutions

BPL Africa's off-grid smart energy solutions are designed to bring electricity to the most remote areas and the most vulnerable population. The political and economic African leaders have come to recognize that traditional electric grid can never serve all the Africans. In South Africa 73% of population is connected to the grid, but in countries like Malawi or Congo this number does not exceed 10%! Off-grid solutions have become not only a necessity, but a technological reality in Africa. Electricity is increasingly being generated by microdams, solar cells, and microturbines.  The belief that “Off-grid electricity could be the next great technological leap forward in Africa” is more and more pronounced.


The World Bank estimates that the African continent spends $40 billion a year on off-grid power, however 17 bn. is invested into fuel-fired lighting and has very little return value.

BPL Africa's off-grid energy islands and low cost housing smart energy solutions resolve the problem of inefficient source allocation. They bring affordable and reliable electricity to empower the communities.