Solar panels


Through its cooperation with the best of the breed solar panel producers we managed to bring to Africa the first low-cost solar panels. The achievement  is great: solar energy is finally cost-efficient enough to compete with the wind, the biomass and other renewables. Moreover, BPL Africa is involved in the construction of solar farms for its off-grid Energy Islands and on-grid Microgrids solutions.


Solar street lamps – integrated solar and battery panels


This unique and innovative product, which enables to immediately  store generated solar energy is cost-efficient, easy to deploy and possesses a number of  competitive characteristics :


·       5-6 years lifecycle vs 1 year for traditional lead-acid batteries

·       compact design and fast installation on new or existing poles

·       the LED lamp 30W ,45W and 60W

·       smart on-pole installation, preventing thefts

·       High resistance, non explosif even when exposed to fire

·       No contamination for the environment


At present BPL Africa has in its hands all necessary technologies to fulfill its ambition of becoming a leader in the battery storage field.