Facilities Energy Awareness and Control Solutions


BPL Africa offers solutions that allow a complete energy monitoring and management system to facility managers, building owners and ESCOs. The solutions reach beyond electricity. Based on the smart BPL Global's Power SG® platform, they enable more efficient and integrated management of electricity, gas, water and other assets and services.


Traditional methods for managing energy usage in Multi-dwelling Units (MDU) have been reactive. Electricity, water, and steam consumption from other utilities is not known until long after it has occurred. No historical understanding of usage patterns or changes exists. Over-consumption, line faults, leakages and losses can go undetected. Inefficiencies are hidden. With the rising cost of energy, shortage in supply and growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly consumption, traditional methods are inadequate, expensive and sub optimal. Our Facilities Energy Awareness and Control Solutions effectively address this urgent issue.

Through BPL Global's EasyGreen® solution BPL Africa provides a complete facilities energy monitoring and management system that enables effective integrated management of electricity, thermal energy and water services. What's more, the solution is coupled with an intuitive web-based user interface that is accessible from any Internet connected computer. From this portal both, facility managers and building occupants gain near real-time visibility into energy use. Alarms can be set, sending alerts of leaks or excessive use and allowing a quick response to conserve energy and water.



Power SG enerVIEW Facilities Energy Awareness and Control Solutions, helps facility managers, building owners and ESCOs to :  

1) Proactively monitor, manage, and control energy and water within facilities for more efficient use and lower costs.  
2) Integrate facilities management, allowing to operate all equipment and systems from a single application from any Internet  connected computer. 
3) Engage participation of building occupants by providing real-time visibility in their energy use and tools to encourage conservation and more responsible consumption and save their energy bill.

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Case demonstration : BPL Global deploys Smart Grid Technology for a Greener Angouleme.


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