Integrated Distributed Energy Resource Solutions

The whole contemporary world has come to realize that the energy needs of today can not be covered exclusively with the traditional electrical networks. Distributed renewable energy resources get more and more importance in optimizing secure energy supply. However, up to now the utilities faced the difficulties, when integrating distributed resources into the traditional networks, due to their unstable nature.

With BPL Global's® Power SG®Integrated Distributed Energy Resource Solution, provided by BPL Africa, the utilities get an unprecedented opportunity to coordinate real-time management of the distributed generation, renewables, energy storage and demand on a common platform. The Power SG® Integrated Distributed Energy Resource software is intelligent enough to define the most cost-efficient energy resource to use, depending on the grid conditions.


BPL Africa offers innovative off-grid smart energy solutions, to bring electricity to the areas, up to now deprived of this privilege, as well as on-grid smart energy solutions to deliver additional capacity and reliability to existing or developing electrical networks. Our projects are not only about stable energy supply. They contribute to the empowerment of the communities and to building sustainable and greener environment. Smart grids bring the answers to the urgent needs of the African continent.

Case demonstration:
BPL Global collaborates with FirstEnergy subsidiary JCP&L.



Integrated Distributed Energy Resource Solutions



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